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About Us

Maria João Proença

With more than 10 years of experience in hotel marketing, Maria João is responsible for the development of digital marketing strategies for the hotel and tourism industry,with special emphasis on content marketing, an area in which she has specialized in recent years.

Passionate about travel, the co-founder of Poetik Penguin divides her time between the company, her family, her yoga practice and her travel blog, Joland, live since 2015.

Maria João Proença - co-fundadora Poetik Penguin

Marco Garcês

The love for computers since his early teens ended up translating into a successful IT career for Marco.

Fascinated by systems and networks, he has been taking increasingly bigger challenges over the years. The greatest of all being the co-founding of Poetik Penguin, where he takes responsibility for all projects associated with automation, DevOps, system design, implementation and administration , and SRE

Aos conhecimentos técnicos, junta-se ainda a sua experiência em teams leadership which helps him make an even greater impact on the companies he collaborates with, through knowledge sharing and people management.

He spends his free time hanging out with his family, cooking (he considers himself a rising pizzaiolo), cycling and surfing.

Poetik Penguin

Poetik Penguin was officially founded in 2022, based on the vast experience and solid knowledge of its founders in the areas of IT and Tourism and Hotel Marketing & Content.

It was born from a desire to do more by applying knowledge and techniques into projects that we identify with and believe in.

Transparency, honesty, and professionalism are some of the values on which our activity is based, fundamental elements for a solid and efficient collaboration.

Logo Poetik Penguin